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Domain Names Defined

Registering a brand new domain name under your hosting account, or transferring an existing one, is the first basic step to creating a successful site. Regardless of whether you want to register a brand new domain for your website or make use of your already registered domain name by transferring it over to Web Of Friends, we'll do it all for you swiftly and at minimum cost. These services are a fundamental component of our web hosting plans and you can register or transfer your domain name while opening your hosting account with us. There's no reason to waste valuable time dealing with other domain name registrars – you can manage both your domain names and sites from one location – your Web Of Friends hosting account.

The domain – an obligatory precondition for your site's success

The domain name registration process is a compulsory condition for your site's success. Acquiring a domain name for your website means securing your readily identifiable Internet identity. For that purpose, your domain must be easy-to-memorize and must match your business name, realm of activity, etc., so that your prospective website visitors/clients could easily notice you on the web.

Register/Transfer a domain name with Web Of Friends

If you register a domain with Web Of Friends, it will be automatically hosted in your web hosting account. If you already have a domain registered someplace else, but do not have a hosting account or are not satisfied with your current web host, you can make use of the domain transfer option that we provide and transfer your domain over to them, which will enable you to handle the key elements of your web presence – your web site and your domain, from one single location.